At Priscilla’s Grooming, we strive to provide the best doggie day spa and grooming salon treatments your pet could ever need.

We are a full service doggie day spa and grooming salon.

Every dog who gets bathed at our pet grooming salon is given the following with their grooming salon services:

Full Grooming

  • Two shampooing’s (If there is a special grooming need – just let us know.
  • Special grooming need shampoos are available and included at NO EXTRA COST!)
  • Conditioner (Specialty conditioner included)
  • Sanitary cut
  • Poop chute
  • Nail trimming / filing
  • Brushing
  • Combing
  • Fragrance
  • Handkerchief / Bows
  • We use only the finest products for your dog and carry several specialty shampoos that are perfect for:

  • Re-hydrating dry, itchy skin
  • Moisturizing your dogs coat
  • Cleaning sensitive skin
  • Treating skin irritations
  • Treating for fleas and ticks
  • De-shedding and much more – just ask our staff and we will be happy to customize according to your dogs needs.

DE Shedding Treatment

Many dog owners wonder what they can do to help alleviate the massive amounts of hair their dogs leave around their house.

They want the shedding to stop but don’t want to shave the dogs down.

At Priscilla’s Grooming, we offer the Deshedding Treatment which includes the following:

  • Deshedding Shampoo
  • Deshedding Conditioner
  • Deshedding Spray
  • Furminator Brushing
  • Best of all, this DE Shedding treatment is FREE with the purchase of any bath or grooming!

Brighter Coat Treatment

Is it hard to see those light colored hairs in your dogs once beautiful coat?

Let us give them our BRIGHTER COAT TREATMENT!

This treatment helps brighten all those natural highlights in your dogs coat making them look better than ever!

This treatment is FREE with the purchase of any bath or haircut!

Anti-Itch Treatment

Is your dog itching like crazy? Is their skin flaky?

Let us soothe their skin with our ANTI-ITCH TREATMENT!

We use a combination of skin moisturizers and soothers to give your itching dogs skin a break.

These moisturizers include oatmeal, aloe, tea tree oil and Ph balancers.

This treatment is FREE with the purchase of any bath or haircut!

Grooming Services

We have award winning groomers here who are capable of making your dog look as cute as ever!

If you prefer a “custom” look for your pup, our groomers are more than happy to oblige!

All you need to do is tell our groomers what you want and we will make it a reality for you and your dog!

Obedience Training

If you have difficulty handling your dog, obedience training is the answer to your problems. When selecting a trainer, experience and patience are the keys to success. We have partnered with Ed Rosenbloom, Owner of In Total Command Dog Training to provide the best, most successful training experience for you and your dog. If you desire a dog that you can take anywhere, this is the professional trainer for you.

Contact In Total Command Training today to have long lasting and happy communication with your dog.

Start enjoying the obedience and love of your dog today!

In Total Command Dog Training

Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning

Does your dogs breath stink? Are you looking for a less expensive alternative to vet bills and anesthesia teeth cleaning?

This is a great service that gets your dogs teeth sparkling without a huge bill and the risk for bad

responses to anesthesia.

Call us today for an appointment: (619) 265-7422

Flea and Tick Treatment

Does your dog have flea or tick troubles? No need to fear

Priscilla’s Grooming offers ALL-NATURAL flea and tick treatments that are a great alternative to the old

fashioned flea dip.

This ALL-NATURAL treatment is extremely effective and is FREE with the purchase of any bath or haircut!